Parental tips to care for a new-born

Parents, especially the first-time ones can often be overwhelmed by the little one, some simple parenting tips can help you both.

Following the nine months of pregnancy and what seems to be endless hours of labor, childbirth is a feeling matched by very few during the course of our lifetime. It is a culmination of patience, anxiety, wait and a million thoughts that must have crossed the expectant parents’ minds during the course of the pregnancy.

While, it is natural for one to have a bit of anxiety, trepidation even, some amount of preparation for the childbirth goes a long way in providing comfort and calm. Preparation also helps improves confidence levels, gives awareness of possible contingencies, and is a great way to overcome the excessive stress one can feel due to ignorance.

Most commonly conducted childbirth preparation classes help parents understand the following aspects:

  • Nutrition & diet leading up to labor
  • Discomfort & pain in labor
  • Exercise & breathing techniques for labor

Childbirth classes also help parents understand what happens during the course of labor and what to anticipate in advance. They receive counselling on pain, fear and stress and their questions on the same are answered by experts to assuage their fears.

Parents-to-be also learn about epidurals and pain-relief for the labor – how it is beneficial, side-effects, if any, and the methods of delivering pain-relief. The obstetrician will help the parents understand the delivery process and answer their queries on ante-natal care.

Caring for the infant is a huge responsibility and can be an overwhelming experience for new parents, especially if its their first time. Childbirth classes will have a few modules of new born care which will focus on breastfeeding, understanding the baby’s initial responses, infections, immunization schedule and so on.

It is important for both parents to attend and pay attention during the childbirth processes. Parenthood, just as pregnancy, is a combined effort and both parents need to support one another to make the child healthy and happy.