Myths Surrounding Immunization & Vaccination

As helpful as immunization is for your baby, sadly, there are a great many myths also associated with them.

Immunization & vaccination is actually one of the biggest tools available at our disposal to give children a healthy and disease-free adulthood. However, lack of awareness, ignorance in some cases certain social/religious beliefs have given rise to myths that need to be dispelled to achieve 100% immunization for all children.

Some of the commonly associated myths with vaccination & immunization include:

Vaccines contain harmful ingredients for your child

Absolutely no. In fact, they only contain ingredients that are helpful for your baby.

Vaccines are not necessary for your child in its infancy

Actually, vaccination at the right time is absolutely necessary to keep certain diseases at bay.

Vaccination may cause autism or sudden death

No, vaccines are safe and only promote safety against diseases which may otherwise cause fatalities or disability.

Vaccines have severe & permanent side affects

No vaccines don’t have any negative effects. Certain small & very temporary effects include minor fever.

Vaccine-preventable diseases are normal

No vaccine preventable diseases are some of the most dangerous & crippling conditions that may even cause fatalities.

Vaccines are avoidable because all children are now immune

While it is true that many children are now immune from diseases, but that doesn’t automatically guarantee immunity to your child. We are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.