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Department of Paediatric Nephrology at Ankura Hospitals

The Department of Paediatric Nephrology at Ankura Hospitals provides advanced treatment & care for all renal & kidney-related disorders in children.

Kidney disorders include – paediatric renal failure, polycystic kidney disease, congenital anomalies and others. These require expert intervention and advanced diagnosis.

The Department of Paediatric Nephrology provides both excellent consultative care and the best surgical interventions to treat all kidney diseases in neonates, infants and children of the older age-group.

Advanced Infrastructure

The department is equipped with some of the most advanced infrastructure required to handle critical neonatal emergencies.

Round-the-clock Care

A specialist team of nurses and paramedics to ensure your child receives the most advanced 24/7 care & observation.

Expert Team of Doctors

A team of specialists to handle all kinds of premature emergencies and pre-term birth issues with experience & expertise .

Post-treatment Support

Once a baby is out of the intensive care, it will need to be under observation & monitoring for certain period of time.

What are the conditions treated?
Urinary tract infections
Kidney stones/renal calculi
Blood and protein in urine (proteinuria /haematuria)
Nephrotic Syndrome
Nephritic Syndrome (glomerulonephritis, HSP nephritis, Lupus nephritis)
Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome
Hypertension (High Bp in children)
Hydronephrosis (swelling in kidneys) and reflux (VUR)
Renal tubular disorders
Fluid and electrolyte problems
Polycystic kidney diseases
Kidney failure – acute and chronic
Congenital Kidney anomalies
Antenatal counselling & Postnatal management of prenatal kidney anomalies

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Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday 24/7
ICU Visiting Hours 5PM – 7PM
Ward Visiting Hours 5PM – 7PM

Consult Our Experts

An expert panel of world-class consultants and some of the finest paediatric surgeons are at Ankura Hospitals.

Emergency Cases

Our Division of Emergency Medicine provides 24-hour care to infants, children and young adults.